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This manga section is just plain dead, sad and embarrasing nowadays. This is the biggest PokéSpe news since VIZ announced they would publish the 2nd editions. This thread quickly gets around 200 views. It takes over a week to get one single reply and after two weeks and over 300 views there's still only one reply. Meanwhile the thread I posted at Serebii Forums (!!!) has 56 replies and 2,921 views as of right now.
This manga section used to be something beautiful once and now it's just an inactive n00b territory. It's almost as I wish this disgrace of a manga section would get closed down, so I wouldn't have to look at this garbage and could instead remember this section for the greatness it used to be.

Do yourself a favor and head over to Serebii Forums or Bulbagarden Forums if you'd like to dicuss manga, because getting results at this graveyard is less likely than to get hit by lightning twice.

Let's have an experiment shall we? How many weeks and days does it take before somebody notices this and bothers to reply?

R.I.P. PokéCommunity manga section, you will be missed :'(