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Pet names as in the things your partner calls you? "Cupcake" "baby" and such? No, I don't like those. I'm okay with being called love and darling. Anything that is derived from an object annoy me.. I'm not honey, I'm not a cupcake, I'm not a honeybun, I'm not an infant! Love and darling are terms of endearment, baby and cupcake are comparing me to, well, things that I'm not.
Not to get this confused with my nicknames related to objects.. My nickname is Cookie, it originated in middle school because I had an obsession with these certain cookies. It has a point of origin.. So, it's not the same as being called honeybun for no actual reason.

Honeybun, baby, cupcake = objects.
Dear, love, darling = terms of endearment.
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