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I'm sorry, Victini, if I confused you. You see, when I finished typing, I didn't really know either why I was saying that. (I also hinted at that xD) But I thought, since I had been writing so much, it'd be better to simply submit it than to just delete it again... so yeah. Sorry, I must admit, it's not really connected to your previous comment XD

Yes, I understand that labels are really there to make other people understand you better. But you see, I often see people who are badly trying to figure themselves out. They ask questions like "Am I homosexual or bisexual?" This is when I ask myself "At this moment, is it really so important to put a label on yourself?"

I'd say, go easy and figure it out over time, it's not important to put a label on right away. I think people sometimes take a risk and identify as something too soon, when in the end, they figure out, they are in fact something else. I mean, sure, it's fine to identify as whatever you like, if you feel it suits you... but at the same time, the moment people put a label on themselves, they kind of limit themselves as well. That's why I said in my last reply, that it'd proabably be best to be "open-minded" about one's sexual orientation....

Again, I'm not referring to you or anyone... It's just something, that I was thinking would be interesting to share.
Quote originally posted by PhantomX0990:
So my mom has been in denial ever since my er, coming out issue.

So we're in the doctor's office, and she looks at me weirdly and says, "Are you wearing makeup?" I respond that yeah, I was. She tells me that I never wear makeup, I said I was barely wearing any and it was to cover up a small zit I had. She then tells me I never wear it and who am was I trying to impress. Honestly, I just was covering a zit, but then she continued, asking what his or her name was.

She said 'her'.

My brain pittered out for a second.

I told a friend and he said why didn't I tell her then about my girlfriend. I figured the waiting room at the doctor's office isn't the best place for a parental blow up.

But this is the closest she's ever come to even awknowledging that I like women.
I imagine that it must have been really awkward when your mother asked what her name was you were (in her mind) wearing makeup for, especially at a doctor's office. What did you tell her then?

Since you came out, has your mother been acting differently toward you? (Sorry, I don't know your story and if you don't feel like replying, it's fine too)
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