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I'm not particularly looking forward to Clara, only because it seems like she's going to be yet another companion who happens to be in love with the Doctor and fawns all over him. I don't mind that angle, but it feels very overdone in this new era of Doctor Who. I do like her feisty nature though, she seems like someone who might be able to go toe to toe with the Doctor himself. I am interested in her story, she seems more mysterious right off the bat than any of the other companions have in quite some time.

And maybe it's just me, but I think it'd be kind of neat to have the Doctor with a solo male companion for a while.

Also, is anyone else bummed at the mumblings that this year's Doctor Who output is probably going to be the rest of this season, the Christmas special, and maybe an anniversary special? So much for that "more Doctor Who than ever in 2013" remark from one of the show runners.
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