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mmm gurl that 90s
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I just love it, because it's the one thing in my life that stays what it seems to be, and unveiling something new is always a life lesson for me xP

Honestly, the biggest reason of all is that I loooooove Grovyle. And all of the other ones. Cute, badass, epic…they've got it all! It's like a world I can retreat to when life is too hard. It's my booze, it's my cutting, it's pretty much the reason I'm still sane! It's pretty much my parents, the people I can talk to and keep secrets with…it's my life, pretty much! And the whole fandom, the other fans, I appreciate them too! Not to nerdy, not to evil and immature…just right.

But most of all, they manage to keep the perfect balance between "y'all's are gettin' older" and "HEY KIDS WELCOME ABOARD."
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