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Originally Posted by Xeninacra View Post
Yesterday I thought of playing White 2 on my 3DS, since it could be more comfortable for me not to be switching between both consoles (DS and 3DS) every time I wanted to play a DS or 3DS game... as soon as I started White 2, I remembered why I wasn't playing any DS game on it... yes, they look quite bad and I can't stand it.

So, I'm wondering, do you play B2/W2 on your 3DS? Or you prefer doing it on DS/DSi because of the bad look of the games on 3DS?
I'm actually strongly considering buying a DS Lite, because DS games look really bad on the 3DS screen. I wish Nintendo had forgone 3D in favour of doubling the resolution, because that way DS games would look just as crisp. But, gimmicks sell I guess! I also want a DS Lite because the 3DS's battery life is horrible. The standby is so amazingly bad.