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It does seem like an interesting concept, but one that requires a little fine tuning perhaps. Though, to be honest, I don't really know what to do to make it work.

Yeah at that point it was just the basic concept, but I think I have a general idea now. How is this?

The Earth, Sky, and Life Challenge:

Every Pokemon has an inherent energy in them that often remains untapped. As trainers, our battling styles as well as modern technology have made it so that these aspects of Pokemon are little more than a simple statistic. But as a purist, one should be aware of the limits, and triumphs of the inherent energies in Pokemon through this challenge.

Simply, there are 3 aspects in this challenge Earth (shown by Weight), Sky (visible in Height), and Life (correlating to HP). Each Pokemon you catch and use in your party will immediately specialize in one of these aspects, and the inherent energy from them will be put to use. However, once a Pokemon has chosen a specialty, it cannot switch to another. More than that, without utilizing these specialties to optimal levels can make being a trainer rather difficult...unless you enjoy restrictions.

The energies go as such:
(I haven't put specific amounts up yet so I'm just going in cumlulative order)

Earth: The ability of the Pokemon to use it's own potential.
?? total lbs: One Pokemon may hold an item
?? total lbs: Two Pokemon my hold items
?? total lbs: Six Pokemon may hold items

Sky: The ability of Pokemon to use the potential of the environment
?? total feet: Potions and all Single Status cures may be used
?? total feet: Super Potions and Fresh Water may be used
?? total feet: Hyper Potions, all berries, Soda Pop, and Lemonade my be used
?? total feet: Moomoo Milk, full heals, and all Herbs may be used
?? total feet: Max Potions and PP increasing items may be used
?? total feet: All items may be used

Life: The ability of Pokemon to use the potential of it's wisdom
?? total HP: You may use TMs and HMs
?? total HP: You may run away from battles
?? total HP: You may use items during battle
?? total HP: You may switch out Pokemon during battle

Keep in mind that you may opt to specialize all of your Pokemon in a single aspect, or balance them out across, but neglect a single one and you may find that the life of a purist can be quite...challenging.

Life got fewer mainly because it is hard to find specific trainer tactic restrictions and restricting the bike I thought would be too much with TMs and HMs being conditional.
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