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Evie Bellarost

Evie smiled when she noticed the quaint smile appear on Jay’s face. It was a nice change from the tears at least and besides, Jay had a face which was meant to smile.

T-thank you Orange and Evie. I’m so glad…that you two understand me. T-thank for helping me. I haven’t felt so much joy…after that incident.”

Evie simply continued to grin at her friend, nodding her head slightly before speaking, this time in a more perky tone.

“It’s alright Jay. What else are we here for?” At this she let out a little giggle then turned her gaze towards the setting sun, after briefly watching Jay’s pokemon move to comfort his trainer once more.
Her dark eyes lapping into the bright, evening purples and oranges which stained the sky’s once flawless blue as the golden sun began to skin down into the water’s horizon. She was snapped out of her thoughts though when Jay moved. Getting up and crossing to the entrance of the cove where Wyatt was now stand, along with Jay’s bag which lay on the floor next to his feet.

At Wyatt’s appearance another smile pressed against her soft, petal, pink lips, watching as Jay took his bag from Wyatt’s side before saying his thanks and shuffling back to where Orange and herself were sat.

“Hi Wyatt” Evie said, waving her hand in greeting, as she hopped down from where she was sat, landing neatly on the sand below with a soft, dull thump. At this point she pulled back her hair once again, sweeping it’s strands away from her face and focusing on her company. Her small, pale oval face smiling out from between the pale curtains of her wavy hair.

Should we head back to the academy grounds? It would become dangerous if we stayed here with the rising tide and the nocturnal, wild Pokémon scurrying about.” Evie heard Jay say, as she bent down and collected the few stray pencils which she had dropped when flipping her bag down onto the ground earlier.

“Yeah sounds like a good idea. Plus I don’t know but about you guys but I am starving!” she almost laughed, as she stood back up, straightening her back and shouldering her bag. Cramming her sketch book and remaining belongings into its dark interior.

“And I think it’s about this time tea is served back at the academy.” She continued, narrowing her eyes slightly as she tried to think back to the timetable she had been given before arriving at the academy a few weeks before.

“you guys wanna join?” she finally said, snapping out of her thoughts with a nonchalant shrug refocusing on the guys she was with a lazy, lop-sided smile.

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