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You're back! I remember you from way back while I was under my old username EnirevTux. Awesome. :3

Those names you mentioned, they certainly ring a few bells. They come from the same time of PC as you, some have left if I'm not mistaken. :< I certainly hope you eventually catch up with how Jake, Erica, Audy and Morkula's lives have been soon! Because this place must hold so much memories for you. From how short my activity has been here relative to my account's age, I'm kinda jealous, haha. But I know you guys had fun, and that's all for yours to have as circumstance puts it.

Also, you've accomplished a lot of great things! I always looked up to you before as a PC member, but knowing that you're already so far into your career certainly adds to that. I mean having so much stuff self-professed, having these awesome plans in the future that's almost certain to take you even higher, and being able to go to Japan— these are just inspirational. Especially that last bit. My family's really connected to Japan, everyone but me. u_u My brother was born there, my dad got his doctorate degree there, my mother taught Japanese as an occupation even, after being there with my dad and siblings before I was born. As for me, I only saw the light of day after everyone pretty much called it a day and went home from Japan. But yeah, haha, it's been my dream to connect myself to that country when I see so much of it at home, and when my dad always has these trips to and fro Japan for his work. What better way than to study there, so that's certainly something I'm looking into doing eventually, after university. I heard they have good physics facilities there, so that makes it even more captivating.

I can relate when you say that you learned English here, PC's been pretty much the backbone of how mildly proficient my English is. I suppose PC does that to people who aren't native English speakers, haha. But yeah, I'm glad you came back, even if you can't be as active as you did before. Really, I wish everyone from before remembered this forum and just came back like you did. But really, I'm just happy to have you back with us. I really hope you do great things in your life from here on out. And make everyone proud.
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