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Quote originally posted by bobandbill:
No mention yet of the likes of say Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey or even an older one like Robin Williams who just spews out comedy? Hmm!

I enjoy watching standup comedy. Probably not something I would do myself but I don't think I'm too bad atm in talking to an audience... it would take a fair bit of practise though, haha.

How could I have forgotten Robin Williams! The man is a comedy god! Don't really know the other too though.

Quote originally posted by Antemortem:
I haven't seen any live, but my favorites are Wanda Sykes, Joan Rivers, and Jeff Dunham (the ventriloquist stand-up comic). I die everytime I hear Wanda Sykes, and Joan Rivers is a classic. Jeff's is purely dry adult humor that's always very fun and enjoyable. I've yet to hear his latest performance, Minding the Monsters, but I'm aching to do so.

I just watched her (Wanda Sykes') comedy central special it was great
I have also started to quite enjoy Sue Murphy and Lewis Black. Murphy is great at making fun of herself whilst Black does a lot of political jokes and ranting yet both are absolutely hilarious.

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