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Tha first person that popped up mah heezee was mah sister. I love her so much, more than words could explan, and hurtng her would be tha worst thng I would've done. N mah situation, I know that killng her would be wrong -- beyond wrong -- but I'll be savng millions of baby angels out thare, I'll be savng millions of kids and teens, I'll be savng millions of adults and grandpisnts. It's a ratio of 1 : 7 billion.

Emotions aside, I'd kill her and kill mahself afterwards.
“Not everybody is beautiful. I’m tired of hearng that. But everybody has tha ability ta be. You is as beautiful as tha thngs you do, tha words you sez, and tha ntentions of yo heart. You is as beautiful as you let yoself become.”

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