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You will need a bit of moveset work done.

For Infernape, Fire Spin is unreliable cos of its low Base Power. Try Flamethrower instead since it hits harder and has more reliable accuracy. Fire Blast is also good if you want to focus more on power and less on accuracy.

Venoshock doesn't do much unless if the target is poisoned, so you should teach Roserade Toxic, which the TM is found in Seaside Cave. Magical Leaf has perfect accuracy, but it's BP is a little weak. Try teaching Energy Ball instead, which has a neat chance of lowering the opponent's Special Defense.

Pupitar has low Special Attack, so try replacing Dark Pulse with a Ground STAB. It'll learn Earthquake pretty soon after evolving into Tyranitar, but you can make do with Dig before then.

Volcarona's STAB moves are very weak, try teaching it Flamethrower/Fire Blast and if you have Red Shards, go to Driftveil City's Move Tutor so you can get Signal Beam. Will-O-Wisp is a bit redundant thanks to Flame Body. If you have Yellow Shards, go to Humilau City's Move Tutor to teach it Giga Drain so it gets a bit of coverage against its Rock/Ground/Water weakness.