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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
For Scrafty, replace Payback with Crunch since Crunch is more reliable.

Since it looks like you're in post-game, try and get the Earthquake TM in Relic Castle and teach that over Bulldoze on Seismitoad.

Keep Fly on Archeops if you want, since it has STAB and can fly you around.
Actually, im right b4 the e4 (xD), and have obtained a haxorus in my spare time. Yet, I am thinking of replacing lilligant with either eelektross or galvantula.

I already gave scraggy crunch, and while it looks like I have tm's from post-game, a friend of mine helped me get t he moves on them, for example chandelure.

I'll update on how the team is set up now, but I am drawing a blank as to who to pick. Eelektross, while being a pain to train, doesnt require any other tm's besides wild charge. Galvantula, otoh, is easier to level, but one of his recommended moves is energy ball, and while I could just ask my friend for help again, that could take up a lot more time.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Done by a friend of mine on another forum

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