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Throughout pokemon, we've been taught how ta basically play tha gbee durng tha start of each gbee (usually after we git our starter pokemon). Tha characters n tha gbee usually teach us how ta battle pokemon, and capture pokemon, wit tha rest of tha battle mechanics is taught n sez, battle schools.

Now, along side pokemon newcomers, snce thare is a bootylicious chance that a number of thugz who will play Pokemon X&bep;Y will be 'pokemon veterans' who know how ta play pokemon already, I just want ta ask, how d-ya thnk tha 'tutarial' or help modes will play out thase gbees? Should thare be an option ta skip over tha tutarial immediately fo veterans? Or d-ya thnk of tha whole, 'don't fix what isn't broken'? Maybe thare can be a tutarial demo, or some sort of help mode that is separate from tha actual gbeeplay of Pokemon X&bep;Y?

Fo exbeple, look at Pokemon LeafGreen/FireRed. Tha dawg help mode is available from tha start of tha gbee. It's useful if you git stuck and don't know what ta do. Ta access tha Help Screen press tha L or R shoulder buttan on yo Gbee Boi Advance. A blue Help Screen will come up wit three menu options. When selected each menu option eithar a long list of questions you may have or terms you'll need ta comprehend ta be a successful Pokemon traner. Tha questions change dependng on where you is n Kanta:

Thare's also a Key Item called Teachy T.V n LG/FR.

Thase tutarials is buggine fo novice traners or traners that just want ta takes a break from battlng. An exbeple of a tutarial is that PokeDude will show you how ta battle a Pokemon. One nstance is when he will battle a Pidgey and explan what's he's dong durng tha battle.

But agan, tha dawg focus of dis thread is, how d-ya thnk, or want, tha 'tutarial' or 'help modes' will play out n thase gbees?

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