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Give us the Teachy TV in place of an obnoxiously long mandatory tutorial. Besides, what's in the tutorial is also in the manual. And I know, who reads the manual? I'm trying to think of this in a kid's perspective. They're likely not reading the tutorial anyway, and if they do, more power to them. Put the Teachy TV in the game again for the kids that actually will read the tutorials and if you're one of those kids that doesn't read things, then...idk I really don't think Pokemon is that hard to figure out. :/ And when I can't figure things out, I go to the, surprise, manual.

Unless there's a drastic change, then I don't really think we need a big spectacle of a tutorial. We were fine as kids playing Red and Blue. Why do we need this crazy tutorials now? Things were way more cryptic back then anyway and we figured it out.

As you can obviously tell, I'm not a fan of tutorials lol. Especially long ones, like BW's. :(

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