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you artwork is so gory and realistic. it's like very haunting. i love it. it's a completely different style that you do so very well
this particular piece does kind of bother me because it is very different from the rest of your artwork. i don't like how it is very light, but that might have been what you are going for. i like how it is a different style for you, but idk if i like how it is placed in this gallery.
this one is soo cute. idk what animal that is. have you give him a name? what bothers me is how the creature is shaded in nicely, but the bush/tree he is in is just drawn with no detail at all so it doesn't really fit with the animal;;
the new pokemon drawing you added is very nice. just like the creature one, the balloons aren't detailed enough just like the bush/tree was.
cannot wait to see more drawings.

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