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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Hey, kelario, a few things.

Re: Murder rates. New York has 19 million people. Alaska has 700,000. Of course there are going to be more murders in NY.
I am going by rate, not population.

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Re: criminals. You seem to think that there is a black and white distinction between "criminals" and "law abiding citizens." Most people have committed some crime, from jaywalking, speeding, downloading music, shoplifting, assault, and upwards of very serious crimes. Everyone obeys most laws. Criminals obey most laws most of the time and are LACs until they decide to break the law. This CEO has probably been law abiding his whole life, but if he were to kill someone he'd become a criminal. So which would he be? Criminal or not?
By criminals, in this case I mean gun criminals. He would become a criminal if he just decided to shoot somebody for no reason. If he shoots somebody who's invading his home to try and take away his guns, he's defending his property and therefore isn't a criminal. By "killing people," he means the latter. He probably won't kill anyone unless they try to invade his home and steal his guns.

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
If you restrict gun purchases many "criminals" will follow that law.
The key word in this sentence is many. Many is not most or all. Though some criminals would follow the law, they wouldn't have been gun criminals to begin with and would more likely be those petty criminals who, for your example, jaywalked or something like that. Gun criminals are a completely different story; the large majority of gun criminals have their heart set on shooting or pistol-whipping somebody to death and the majority of those people will stop at nothing to do it. What gun control does is cause the victim to be unable to defend himself, so if a criminal comes up to him and points a gun at him, he's dead without a doubt. And in most countries or cities (e.g. Britain or New York) with gun control in effect, the cops do nothing about it.
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