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I use HP berries a lot at the beginning of the game. Especially when I'm trying to lvl new Pokémon I just caught. I normally try to get my starter to lvl 10 before I am able to get pokeballs just because it makes things easier later on. So if I run into another Pokémon I want they are normally in the lvl 2-6 range. So I lvl them to lvl 10 before I move on. Berries save me time from going back and forth from the pokecenter and the grass and also saves me money on potions. It also saves my Pokémon from fainting at times while I am lvling them. But once they get a lvl where their HP is high enough so the berries don't do much then I don't use them. The status ones are nice so you don't have to spend money on antidotes and etc but there is a point where you are rich in the game so spending a few bucks on antidotes and paralyze heals is nothing.
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