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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
But that also forced Lance and Claire to use Pokemon that don't associate their types and use Dragon types from the same line, which was why Volkner and Flint's team were horrible before Platinum fixed it. If they're going to include a Dragon specialist, they need to add at least three new non-legendary Dragon lines and three older Dragon lines in a regional dex.
Or, you know, they could either

a) not have a Dragon-type specialist, (my preference, I've never liked them)
b) stop limiting the specialists to only Regional Dex Pokemon.

Just a thought!

Originally Posted by MantisboyN View Post
I'd actually prefer less dragon types, just to help ramp up their specialty. (remember back in Gen 1 and 2 when the only dragon types available were Kingdra and the Dratini line? Their rarity is part of what made them so special.)

I would like to see more Poison and Ghost types. I re[ali]ze that Poison isn't the greatest, and Ghost is mentioned a lot but I find them it to be among the most unique types in the game and would like to see them explored more.

The thing is, though, that Ghost type pokemon are dead. They reside mostly in graveyards and shadows. And Poison types often represent pollution, residing in sewers or factories. If they bumped these two types up quite a bit, I'd think that they would have to reflect that in the game locations. I'm picturing a heavily polluted region with a lot of abandoned buildings. I don't know if this reflects on what we've seen so far by the very "green" feel of X/Y.
I agree with the rarity of certain types making sense. I do say I am content with the small amount of Ghost types we have right now.

However, I do have to say that I do disagree with your interpretations of the types. Outside of Generation I, most of our Poison types really don't represent poison and pollution. Moreso, they represent venom and toxins, which are natural defenses that occur in nature. I feel Poison types contrast man-made substances that cause pollution. Now, of course there are the Weezing, Muk, and Garbodor lines, but these are only three Pokemon lines among all the others, and outnumbered by the "natural" Poison Pokemon. So, in my mind, Poison types represent diversity and life, because real-life organisms do produce toxins to defend themselves.

You might disagree with that, and that's okay!

And Ghost types, I really do disagree with you on them residing "mostly in graveyards and shadows". (Of course, you are entitled to your opinion! I'm not saying you're wrong, but I'd like to voice my own opinion.) Ghost types represent spirits, at least how I see them. It might depend on the mythology, but generally spirits are heavily connected to nature and wildlife, which is why Ghost types remind me of forests and appreciation for life, not graveyards and especially not a polluted region. I know in Japanese mythology, there is a lot of correlation with spirits and nature.

So, I know you probably disagree, but a "green" region is EXACTLY where I would expect to find Poison and Ghost types. So, I'm optimistic! And I want to see more Ghost and Poison types, too.
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