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I would love to join as a sub.

EDIT: Replacing Fire Flyy as the monotype Fire guy for this tournament!

OU-tier Fire monotype Special
-battling as fierybattlebro-

Round 1
  1. Won vs Icy Burn (Electric monotype)
  2. Won vs Nate (Fighting monotype)
  3. Lost vs Mid (Dragon monotype)
  4. Lost vs Golurk (Steel monotype) (A sad day in Fire Nation history)
  5. Lost vs Xerneas (Flying monotype)
  6. Lost vs Hyperbeem (Grass monotype) (Another sad day in Fire Nation history)
Remaining types to battle
Normal, Fighting, Water, Flying, Grass, Poison, Electric, Ground, Psychic, Rock, Ice, Bug, Dragon, Ghost, Dark, Steel
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