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Someone in another thread had this idea that the lab would be under attack and the starters would have escaped. When you arrive, the region professor would ask you to chase after them. You come across a point where you have to choose which way you want to go. There would be three different choices leading you to three different locations that have a theme or connection to the starter's type. Whichever path you choose, is the starter you'll end up with. I'm also going to add that when you find said starter, it'll be found in the middle of a scuffle with another wild Pokémon. This is when you get your chance at a first battle with one of the starters before it's actually yours.

The beginning of RSE was my favorite, because it was different from the other games. DPPt would come next for similar reasons. Although, the only difference between DPPt and RSE's start was that RSE managed to move at a much faster pace so it didn't feel like you were stuck at the start for too long. That's the only issue I would see this idea having, is that for some it may seem too tedious when all you really want to do is just get on your way and begin your journey.

But anything from the traditional way, I'd be happy about. It keeps things fresh.