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You have excellent talent in making scratch sprites. I can say that, please, PLEASE do not stop making these sprites as I am ascertain that you shall greatly improve your skill soon. What I can suggest is that try imitating the Game sprites (NOT as a base, mind you) and get those curves correctly and textures (like rock surfaces, furry surfaces, fire surfaces etc.) perfected. The Florosa needs some work on with the flowery head. Try looking at Roserade and Cherrim for that. The first two water sharks are already near perfection, although the last one looks weird. The Fire Griffins are plain too much AWESOME! Although you can improve the wings. Tarangeo and his evo need their legs fixed. Aquamoeba looks very realistic but improve on the red patch.

I understand this is the first time you made sprites, and they are awesome, so good luck!
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