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Quote originally posted by 搞五搞六:
1158, I have finished alpha1 and here is some bugs I found.
1.You can walk on the table in ELIJAH's House.

2.There's something blocking the way in the Cloud Meadow.

3.When you talk to the guy in the Peace Way, the screen froze.

4.A shopkeeper appears in the screen strangely.

5.I think it should be teacher but not tracher.

6.After beating the third gym leader, there is some strange items appearing in the screen.(I forgot to take a screenshot.)
Well, those are all the bugs I found in alpha1.

PS: I think it's a little weird that a middle-aged man waiting for his mother because his mother order him to do.
Thanks for reporting these,and I've fixed thesr errors just now.

Quote originally posted by loonie23:
1158 can you make the textbox a semi tran? Also in the pvf.
Sorry,I'm not sure if I can do this,but I would might have a try.
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