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You know what I miss? Seeing a table with three Pokéballs on it and choosing your starter that way.
People say that was clichéd and typical, but we haven't seen that since Gen 2 (HGSS in Gen 4 kinda count but since they were remakes of an original adventure, I'm excluding them).

In Gen 3, we had to pick them out of a bag to save the professor. In Gen 4 we had to pick them out of a bag to save ourselves. In Gen 5, I guess it was close enough to the 'table' way, in that you chose one of three. But then you immediately proceed to battle Bianca, and then Cheren.

Personally, I hope that you go to the Professor's lab or whatever (whoever that Professor may be), and choose a starter, then you're sent on your way to the next town or something. No "HEY BATTLE ME STRAIGHTAWAY NAOW!!!!". I think GSC/HGSS had the best setup- you pick your starter and just go around with it for a while, battling wild Pokemon and just chilling out. I'd like something like that in X and Y.

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