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Quote originally posted by DarkRisingGirl:
You'll start off with either Dragonite, Salamence, or Garchomp at Lv10. Their moves will be weaker than the ones your dragon had at the end of dark rising 1.
Thats really awesome & brilliant as it sort of maintains the continuity from DR1 on the pokemon front apart from the characters themselves

Quote originally posted by DarkRisingGirl:
Not sure actually lol, I'll look into it tomorrow. Anyone else find any mushrooms? I made sure all of the Pokemon learned their best moves leveling up so the move tutor isn't as important as he is in the original games.
I think you can buy mushrooms at DarkRising HQ..

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
It's pretty safe, ? icon doesn't bug the game anyhow.
Thanks for the info buddy..i just restarted my game from spirit tower..& now i have Giratina :D

edit- hey i still want to know why is my badge count 7 ??? i have defeated giovanni at tiki village too..though he said something like that fang badge belonged to omni that so??