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How do you think the challenge of finding rare legendary pokemon should be like in these games?
Well I think for some Legendary Pokémon, probably would only be about 7 or 8 new Legendary Pokémon counting Xernias and Yveltal, I think for the new legendary trio that would be in the Pokémon X and Y would have some sort of puzzle in which you'd have to complete somehow by using certain HMs or even bringing some other Pokémon to open up the doorway, in a similar manor to Regirock, Regice and Registeel in R/S/E. But I think the legendary trio in Pokémon X and Y would also require a certain item as well. And maybe by the time you reach them... they could end up flying away and have to catch them as roaming Pokémon?

How long should the journey be to find each legendary pokemon? Where should they be located to suit the themes that they represent?
As far as I think about it, what I'd like to see in the games... is Dragon-types of Water, Fire and Electric. Which I think the water one should be underwater and require Dive to get to an underwater cavern where you'd have to move through some waves that would push you back, then the Fire one should be in a volcano where you'd have to get through some slopes that require you to not stop on your bike while moving up the slopes, and the Electric one should be on a tower where it has plenty of traps, with ones that would send you down a floor. Upon reaching any of them on the top floor after completing a puzzle, they end up becoming roaming Pokémon.

How difficult should it be to capture legendary pokemon in these games?
Just about as difficult as a roaming legendary Pokémon would be, which would involve them fleeing from you, then having to re-encounter them again and again and again. You can only encounter these legendary Pokémon after defeating the Elite Four.
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