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Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
The flag doesn't work because that one is simply way beyond what is should be. You should be using flags in the are of 0x200 rather than 0x9000+.

Edit: Just figured out you were hacking Emerald so some of my stuff was wrong

I'm hacking FireRed. I actually started with flags at 9000 because I had no idea of where to start and was asking anyone of my hacking "team" and someone said to start at "over 9000." Is there a particular reason that flags that high don't work? I used a flag 0x9000 that works. (I'm gonna triple check that one to make sure it's still working properly). Come to think of it, 0x9004 worked too.

However, now that I think about it, I had a previous hack project with flags that worked around 0x1000. Will 0x1000-0x2000 work? I'm gonna go change the faulty Magikarp flag and even the high flags that seemingly worked.

PS: Any explanation about the nickname failure though?

EDIT: I fixed my script by changing the flag to 0x1006, the special to 0x9E, and I added in lock in a few other places in the script to keep Mr. Antsy Pants from moving when he shouldn't have been. Thanks for all of your help guys, I appreciate it! ;D

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