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Quote originally posted by sweetrus:
Hi I would love a cyndaquil :):) I am free all day to trade~~
Yes! What is your friend code?

Quote originally posted by bobandbill:
I'll go for the Snivy if that is still spare. =)

I also doubt you'd want anything I currently have but nonetheless CMT if anything catches your eye for that EV'd Politoed? Doesn't hurt to ask I guess. =p
'Course you can. :3
For my EV'd Politoed can I get your female DW Anorith?

Quote originally posted by xRekke:
I missed it! Sorry! bobandbill u can have the snivy!
Can i have the shiny deino instead?
Your magnezone caught my eye! Go to my thread to see if there anything i could trade for it!
Yes, you can have Deino.
I didn't see anything I wanted for Magnezone. Sorry. :/

Quote originally posted by Curious.:
I didn't realize you could scroll down. n.n' would it be alright if I could take Solosis instead? :3
I was afraid no one would know about the scrolling. XD
And yes, you can have Solosis instead. ^-^

Quote originally posted by irishcharizard:
if it is still available can i get the free Misdreavus please?
Still available!

Quote originally posted by retinaburn:
Mia, good luck with the new thread, it looks great!

May I please have the free Mienfoo, if still available? Thanks in advance!
Yes, you can!

존경받는다는 건 미움받는 것과 종이 한 장 차이다