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Quote originally posted by Believeinsteve:
I'll go ahead & try this. I'm new here so why not.

Lovinglife17 I'll go ahead & do your re-roll.

For a full re-roll I got

Dewgong, Delibird, Tauros, Furret, Gyrados

If you just wanted a re-roll of beedrill & quagsire, I got Primeape & Slowbro

I accept Dewgong, Delibird, Tauros, Furret, and Gyrados as a re-roll. I think Sentret/Furret can do a good job taking out Falkner

In return I'll do your roll for you, and you got:
Linoone, Crawdaunt, Chimecho, Medicham, Claydol, and Glalie