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Of course it's there to help us, and me. I'm under no disillusion. I feel as if you're just taking me up wrongly, I was seeking out specifics. Anyway, I'd just rather if the subject was dropped, especially what has already been mentioned 7 times. Critique is great, but it gets aggravating when it's repeated over and over. So just understand that we're working on what has been said.

And from a moderation note, this is getting way too heated. If you feel you wish to judge my moral character (lol) then feel free to do so in a PM. Again, we appreciate the feedback, and we're working on things as already stated. I'm leaving it at that, anything else that pushes the general off-topic direction of this thread will be deleted. It's a fan game guys, not politics. Revel in the knowledge that I appreciate the critique and interest, some of my posts are evidently being picked up wrongly. This isn't srs bsns, so let's get back on track shall we?
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