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Yeah - it should be relatively difficult to find legendaries. It's hard to rationalize the notion that a unique pokemon known only by legend is plunked right down there in plain sight and within easy reach of anyone.

I think there should be a fair amount of rumor and hints from NPCs, so you know there's something out there somewhere, and then it should be an appropriately long and difficult trek to actually find them. However, I think the bulk of the challenge should be finding them, and fighting them, if necessary. Once found, I'm not convinced that the catch rate needs to be particularly poor. In fact, in cases like the Musketeers, who obviously wanted you to catch them, the catch rate should be quite high. It seems to me that it's only with the overtly hostile or skittish ones that the catch rate should be notably low.

The only other opinion I have about legendaries is that I don't ever again want to play a game in which, at the last battle, I suddenly get a legendary forced on me. I went to a lot of trouble to assemble and train a team because I wanted to use THAT TEAM and suddenly the game's asking me to boot one of my loyal team members out because some dragon thing is trying to horn in. Yeah - I get that they were trying to set up this whole concept of some sort of mighty showdown between the two perennial foes, but all it really meant was my only choices were to kick out a better pokemon to make room for a mediocre dragon that didn't fit in with my team anyway or undermine the whole point of the story by not doing it, and neither one was a satisfying choice.
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