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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
about that "canon" joke
What does CAUCASIAN mean? I know what the word means, but what does it imply in Homestuck?

about the update
OMGWHAT is Hussie doing. I wonder if readers ever felt this confused at earlier points in the story. But I still feel confident enough that he's actually planning something epic that will all make sense in the end with all this. He must. Otherwise... Otherwise I'll reread the good parts again ;; Act 4 + Act 5 Act 2 <3

Speaking of which, for anyone who doesn't want to discuss the current updates or just feel like mixing their spoiler-rich post up with something else xD

Which one is your favorite Act so far?
about that "canon" joke
Everybody flipping there lid about the characters' races. Everyone seems to freak out at any mention that the characters are white, african american, jewish, whatever. So Hussie was keeping them drawn in a symbolic manner (which is actually very pasty white anyway) too keep the fangirl/boy rage down. And the caucasian joke was brilliant, because it shows how silly the situation is anyway. Buuut, he changed it, because it just made more people angry. w/e

Which one is your favorite Act so far?[/QUOTE]

I'm gonna say...either act 3 or Act Five (all of the act fives. allllllll of them.)

Act three because that was the most entertaining part before act 5, which is just awesome.

Act Six is pretty good too, though.

about the update
Hahaha, Erisolsprite is my newd favorite sprite. Jesus Chris I laugh everytime he talks.

Other than that, the whole "lets have sexual relations" part was pretty funny. And I guess trickster Roxy is up next :(

im scared....

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