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Originally Posted by Saltsas View Post
I never said I am good at rom hacking or anything. I express my opinion as a GAMER and not as a HACKER. Those two have a big difference.This is my opinion and thanks for the many replies and answers.
At a gamer's stand point, because I am a gamer too, games aren't suppose to be all about graphics (and a tournament?Really?In Light Platinum that shouldn't really count as a tournament but a few decent battles.), games are suppose to have an enjoyable plot. To be honest, I don't care if the game was made with a potato but has a good plot and is enjoyable, I would get hooked on it (Like old Tomb Raider Games, but this is a Pokemon forum so I'll shut up about that).

I am not saying any of the hacks have a bad storyline, I'm just saying that only enjoying a game for graphics is kind of bad to me. I am not saying they have good storylines either. To be honest, they could be a little better.

Please just promise me on one thing people, I can't hack anymore, I forgot how, but please, at least make a decent hack for me. Please? xD


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