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Pretty sure bumping in EVERY forum on the internet is against some kind of TOS. Alas...

Those guys look good. When playing ingame and online, remember a pokemon's most powerful attacks are those that benefit from STAB (same type attack bonus --> water type pokemon does more damage with a water type move, in your case, poison on poison)
as well as SpAttack Vs Attack stats. --> If a pokemon's SPAttack is higher than its Attack, then you want to error on the side of picking special type attacks (not direct contact hits), and physical type attacks when Attack stat is higher.

I hope that makes sense. If it does, that will really help you in picking movesets.

As for individual pokemon:

toxic spikes is a wasted move on drapion since I see him as a primary heavy hitter.
IMO acrobatics on crobat (if compatible) without an item would be much more useful than steel wing, unless you are combating a rock type attacker(this is where knowledge of your opponents pokemon ahead of time gives you an advantage).
Giga Drain on tentacruel is a wasted move simply due to the lack of STAB. (Poison jab maybe?)
And take brick break or even close combat (if compatible) over focus punch simple due to its 2 turn effect.

Just My2¢. Hope this helps. Some of the moves I suggested might not be compatible. Just roll with the punches there, but most should be learn-able from one move tutor or another.

Again, bumping your own thread tends to be against the TOS in most forums, so watch that.
Good Luck

Regards, Chris
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