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You partner fire types: Houndoom and Growlithe
Why do you like fire types?: Fire is my second favorite type. I like fire types due to the fiery charisma they all seem to adorn. Some hot, powerfull, and ready to battle while others are calm, colected, and a marvel to gaze at. The majority of my regional starters i've picked were fire and for obvious reasons. The strength the pack behind each flame they breathe matches the their unbound coolness.
Talk about the Pokemon you chose while joining this club.Why did you choose them?
Well in the previous incarnation of this club, I beleive I choose my other two favorite fire types. So now I thought i'd give the other two a chance to shine. Other than that, I love dogs. Both Houndoom and Growlith exemplify loyalness and courage. Houndoom displays fiery ferocity and determination while Arcanine exemplifies elegance, calmness, and nobility. Thats how I see it anyway. Thats the gist of why I chose them as my partners.