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Here's what I've done of my own SU so far. Think I'll go ahead and save myself a spot, cause now that I've almost finished this, I really wanna use this character... XD Which means there will only be two more spots leftover~

Name: Thia Rondamar

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Despite her fairly youthful age, Thia's hair is a steely gray color, and it always has been. Her metallic hair reaches halfway down her back and is usually done in two braids with silver bands similar bangles wrapped around most of the braids. Her long bangs reach her nose, but are neatly clipped in a way that they don't get into her eyes and hinder her vision. Emerald earrings that match her stern green eyes adorn her ears, and a ruby hangs from a golden chain around her neck. Standing at about 5'8”, Thia is lean and muscular, her body tanned and hardened from long hours of training and physical exertion. Threads made of thinned steel are woven throughout the fabric of her short, tight-fitting yet flexible dress, making it slightly more difficult to pierce, though even that single small moment a blade is held back can be enough time to prevent oneself from being skewered. Metal guards rest on her shoulders to prevent her arms from being chopped off in a fight. Tall leather boots reach up to her thighs, allowing her legs some protection. Following the grey theme, a hooded cloak that also functions as an overcoat flows out er upper arms offer some extra protection behind her, clasped by leather band at the front and with cuffs folded back. Steel bands attached the the cloak circle halfway around her arms. She carries an intricately designed longsword encased in an equally intricate scabbard that is strapped to her back at an angle where her hood won't get in the way of drawing her sword. Gauze is wrapped tightly around her hands to lessen the risk of sores forming on her calloused hands during especially long fights.

Personality: Though of noble blood herself, Thia despises those who live in luxury and are never required to do thing for themselves, as well as the extremely poor who opt for begging for money instead of looking for a way to take care of themselves. She doesn't allow herself or others much time for relaxation. Even if she may seem to be taking time off in a bar, she's usually really there to gather information. She rarely smiles, except for mocking smirks. Otherwise, she always wears a stern expression. She allows herself a few luxuries, such as the expensive equipment she had made specifically to her standards. Those who know Thia know not to mock her status a woman, for those who do soon learn of the strength she has earned from the years of working as a mercenary. When necessary, she takes on a fake expression of sweetness that mocks the person she is speaking to while also managing to lure them into her trap of words. She prefers traveling alone, her only companion being Katul, though during some jobs she doesn't have a choice and must travel with others. She isn't particularly patient with stragglers, made obvious by her scathing looks when someone starts complaining about some injury she deems small, or that they're tired and need a rest. When she's injured or tired, she does her best not to show it and will continue to push herself even if the injury is serious, which often ends up in her pushing herself over the edge and having no choice but to rest. As long as the pay is good enough, she'll do whatever a job requires, even kill.

History: Thia is the daughter of the well-known Rondamar family, her father, Rolland Rondamar, being an soldier in the Royal Guard and her mother, Falona Rondamar, being a strict lady of the court. Because of her parents' positions, Thia spent the first few years of her life in Issathon. Her mother was constantly preparing her for a life of strict refinement. Thia, though, was uninterested in becoming a lady and would often sneak away from Falona's long lectures to escape to the stables where the king's longma were kept. Here she would stay, talking to and stroking the horse-like dragons between bouts of swinging at the air with a stick.

When she was 12, her parents decided that enough was enough and ordered the servants to keep her under constant watch while also taking away many of her privileges, including going the occasional trips she would take with her father to the armory where she would examine the many blades with awe. With the extra restrictions in place, Thia became restless as it became more and more difficult for her to get away, and being locked in her room whenever she attempted these escapades didn't help matters either. Still, she would take advantage of the time alone in her room and practice the maneuvers she had observed knights practicing using whatever sword-like object happened to be around at the time.

By the time she turned 16, Thia had officially grown tired of living as a noble. Daily she would scorn other nobles, who she believed had about as much right to live a luxurious life as a rat in the castle had a right to steal food from the kitchens. Finally, she announced to her parents that she was leaving the household to forge her own life away from the wealth she was so accustomed to. Her parents begged her to stay, but Thia could not be dissuaded. When they realized there was no changing her mind, Falona and Rolland reluctantly granted her two gifts that had been passed down through the Rondamar family through generations: the ruby necklace around her neck and the sword and sheath she still uses to this day, albeit with a few refinements she had a master blacksmith make to them.

Excited at the prospect of her new-found freedom, Thia packed what she would need and left the very same day. With no experience to help her in the wilderness, she became hopelessly lost in less than a day and found herself wandering in what she later learned was the Tonumskel Range. Freezing cold and exhausted, Thia curled up in the first cavernous shelter she came across, not realizing a pack of hungry tatzelwurms were sheltering within the cave as well. Surprisingly enough, the starving dragons didn't eat her, nor did she freeze to death. Instead, when she woke up she found one of the pack coiled next to her and glaring at the others of its kind with a snarl across its features as if daring them to lay a claw on the human it had taken to protecting.

The moment Thia was conscious, she was aware of a confusion of emotions within her and she squeezed her eyes shut as she tried to block out the headache that came with it. Little did she know that these new emotions she felt rushing through her belonged to the protective tatzelwurm and that this dragon was to be her companion for the next 8 years. The tatzelwurm, whom she later came to call Katul, lead her from the cave and through the mountains, glancing back impatiently whenever the young woman stopped to rest. They continued this way for 5 days, trudging through piles of snow and eating whatever Katul was able to catch since Thia had long ago run out of provisions of her own.

Finally, on the 5th day, the village of Skelsaugh came into view, signing the end of Thia's long trek through the mountains. To her surprise, Katul continued to follow her even after entering the village, though once she learned of the bond that had formed between them her confusion faded and she become overjoyed at the thought of having a companion so early in her journey. It was also Skelsaugh that she got her first job.

It happened the day after arriving, when Thia was recovering at an Inn. A man had been leering at her for quite sometime across the room, and when he approached her, Thia could tell what he was thinking: here was young and vulnerable girl whom he could no doubt ransom for a hefty price. The moment he reached out to grab her by the arm, she reflexively drew her sword in a swift motion, holding it steadily at the man's throat. She probably would have sliced his head off without another thought if a hefty hand hadn't landed on her shoulder at that moment. The person in control of this hand became her first employer.

After her first job of escorting the fur trader to Itim, Thia took on more and more jobs, and within a few years she became a well known mercenary, due not only to her skill but to her status as a woman. Throughout these years, Katul was her constant companion, and even the innkeepers dared not tell Thia to leave the tatzelwurm outside. The variety of jobs Thia has taken on have taken her all across Fargona and allowed her to learn many things about the kingdom as well as many different skills, though if she can she avoids Issathon. When her parents discovered this new occupation of her's, they immediately regretted letting her leave and many times attempted to bring her back, but each time Thia would elude their clutches.

Occupation: A wandering mercenary, Thia takes on whatever high-paying jobs she can find throughout the kingdom.

Spells known:

-Bright Flare: Thia closes her hand, and the cracks between her fingers start to glow as light is compressed by magic and collected within her hand. When she opens her hand, the light is released in a blinding flash. A fairly simple spell, it doesn't take much magic to use, though the faster she compresses the light the more of her magic reserve is used.
-Aura Shield: Thia places her arm out in front of her as if a shield were strapped to it, and translucent, glowing golden shield of energy forms. This shield works to protect against physical attacks, as well as absorb the effects of magic aimed at her. This spells uses every last reserve of her magic, becoming stronger the more unused magic she has. When she disarms the spell, the magic used in the spell returns to her as if she'd never lost it. There are two main downsides of this spell, one being if the shield shatters under an attack or if the spell is broken by someone other than Thia, all of the magic dispels instead of returning to her. If this happens, it could take up to two days for her to regain her magic. Also, since this spell uses all of the magic she has, she cannot use any other spells while it is in use.
-Elf Ear: Named for the mythical elves who are said to have extraordinary hearing, this spell heightens Thia's hearing to the point where she can clearly hear a whisper from across a large room. The first few times using the spell, she became overwhelmed by the many sounds, but since then she has learned to focus in on what she wants to hear and block out everything else. The spell last about 15 minutes before fading out. After the spell ends, Thia is left with an irritating earache for the next 30 minutes, but the information she gains through the use of this spell makes it well worth it.
-Pain Blockage: Thia learned this spell so she would be able to fight through any pain. As the name suggests, it completely blocks out pain for a span of 10 minutes. While this spell can be dangerous since she doesn't always notice an injury until it's to late, it also comes in handy for when she needs to just block out the pain or risk being killed in battle.

Dragon Species:


Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Description: Katul's fur is a dark orange, tainted deep crimson at the tips of his ears, brows, “beard”, and cheek tufts, while the tufts of fur inside his ears are onyx black. At first, this difference in coloration is usually taken for shadows lining his face, but on the rare occasion that he turns his face to the light one can more clearly see the slight contrast between colors. His eyes are a glaring yellow that seem to dim to pale gold when he's in a bad mood. The long saber-teeth protruding from his mouth are tainted yellow and red from the blood of his prey. His 7-and-a-half foot body is covered in black scales with each scale being tinted crimson around the edges. His snake-like body tapers off to a pointed tail at the end. Finely refined muscles ripple beneath a lean pelt when he moves, build for speed and agility while also lending him the strength to rip thick scales off of other dragons when he places his claws right.

Even when he was among his pack of tatzelwurm in the Tonumskel Range, Katul has always been more of the loner type. The only person he really cares to be around is Thia, and he is very protective of her. He's always near her, though he prefers to stay hidden, a shadow lurking in the darkness. If Thia is threatened, Katul's body melds out of the shadows as he springs into action to protect her. He doesn't take well to people and is highly suspicious of strangers, even more so if he feels Thia is as well. When it suits him he emerges from his shadow form and lounges about, though this is usually only when they have stopped at an inn or when he is attempting to intimidate someone, which isn't all that difficult for him with his long fangs and glowing yellow eyes. He does not know the meaning of fear and Thia often has to force him to pull away from a fight with a more powerful enemy lest he get himself killed. Still, even larger dragons have a difficult time against Katul's cunning. With his ability to turn into nothing more than a shadow and way of appearing seemingly from nowhere, the tatzelwurm is a difficult target to both hit and avoid. Despite this, it often takes much stalling before he is actually able to defeat anything larger than a manticore, though with the right tactics he is still able to win against the seemingly unfair odds.

RP Sample:
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