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Originally Posted by HaiImNate View Post
Final team I beat Pokemon Pearl with:

Nickname: Furball
Lvl. 75
Moveset: Flame Wheel | Mach Punch | Close Combat | Swords Dance

Nickname: Firepony
Lvl. 19
Movesest: Tackle | Growl | Stomp | Ember
Sorry dude. I'm gonna have to call foul on this one. I realize you had 2 Fire Pokemon on your team, but you really only used one. You can't just plug a low level Pokemon of your type into your team and call it good, cause that means you still only used one Pokemon of your type. I will update the rules to be more clear on that, but I can't count this run as complete, sorry.

I just reviewed your Johto run as well, and you did the same thing there. Using only your starter is not a Monotype, it's a Solo run. I'm sorry, but I can't count either of those.

Originally Posted by Believeinsteve View Post
Username: Believeinsteve
Type: Dark
Challenge: Single (I'll start with this & expand to ultimate if I get to it)
Game(s): Sapphire

I will be trading a couple pokemon from ruby to sapphire to help compliment this team. Aka umbreon & nuzleaf.
Sorry, you can trade in the Nuzleaf because it's in Ruby, but you can't trade in an Umbreon. It's not part of the Hoenn Dex.