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Hi All. I've been collecting Pokémon cards and other memorabilia for several years now. I purchased some Japanase Pokémon card gum packs several years ago and am trying to find out what they are. I purchased an open box which had 20 sealed card gum packs. I opened one to see what was inside. The pack included a piece of gum (no, I didn't eat it) and two cards.

I've been doing some research on the Internet and I think they might be 1997 Topsun card packs. I've read that these cards came in a box of 20 packs and each pack had 2 or 3 cards. The two cards I found were glossy but certainly not holo; however they do look very much like the 1997 Topsun holo cards on the Internet that seem to be highly collectible. Apparently there is one holo card in every box.

Unfortunately none of the cards, packs or the open box have a date on them. The only text that is in English is as follows: "©Nintendo·CREATURES·GAMEFREAK·TV TOKYO·SHO-PRO·JR KIKAKU". I can't find any information on what a 1997 Topsun card gum pack looks like or a 1997 Topsun card checklist. I'd like to know if these packs are worth anything and if they are worth more sealed than opened.

Any information would be helpful.

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