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canon joke thing
What! He seriously changed it? People are so dumb if they get upset about something like that O.o This page, right?

I wonder how those sprites work, really. Arquiussprite liked the same things as Equius but talked as much as AR did. Fefetasprite doesn't talk at all O.o I think Sollidansprite and Neferisprite would have been better names for them btw ^^ I'd like to see more of Tavrissprite! Eridan and Sollux and Equius are still in the dream bubbles with Meenah and all, so Vriska and Tavros should be able to exist there even though their bodies are merged in a sprite, right? But then I don't really understand why they remembered being sprites after they exploded.

I think the babies-talk makes candyJane and candyJake even more creepy o_o And I hope Roxy and Dirk are too clever to become candypeople too. Because I'd be so scared if Dirk turned out like that! And Roxy would surely go drunk again. On sugary liquor~

I kind of wonder if Hussie has gotten the idea of this from the talk about Saccharine Dopplegangers I've heard in some fanons. If it's actually a canon term already, I've completely missed it.

I think I like Act 4 because...
Rose and Dave enter the Medium as well and the trolls are starting to appear more and it really feels like they are PLAYING SBURB and didn't really realize that they were completely and utterly screwed yet. Maybe Rose knew. But.
Act 4, from what I recall, is where the story starts to grow.

I also love Act 5 Act 2, because...
we return to the kids again after having gone through a weird, rather non-linear story about the trolls. Not really a fan of Doc Scratch's segment, but I love when John is on Skaia and when Dave and Jade are together and when hell breaks loose on the asteroid
and when everything just starts falling into place.

Gosh. I love Homestuck. It's so indescribable. After you've seen [S] WV Ascend at the end of... Act 2, I don't understand how you can not be fascinated. Haha :3

EDIT: The amount of spoilers in this post is just ridiculous :3
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