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WolfOfEve's IC is accepted!

Skymin's IC is accepted!

Drago Dragonite's Pokemon Nightmare's Ascension is declined.
When posting roleplays in this forum, they need to meet a certain level of spelling, grammar and punctuation. Though your spelling is fine, your grammar and punctuation are not. For specifics on the issue, you can PM me. Also, you really need to go more in depth. What is the role of the people roleplaying? And what fuels this drawing's power? How does it plan on taking revenge on the entire world? Please, explain further~

TheUglyDucklett's Shattering Worlds is accepted!

Rafael p's Kingdom Hearts: Seperate Fates is declined.
The storyline is fine, but as this is a non-Pokémon roleplay, you'll need to supply a sufficient amount of back story for those who have not played the game but can still understand what is going on.

Pink Sapphire's IC thread is accepted!

VeganMacAndCheese's Hunger Games x Pokemon Crossover is accepted!
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