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Hello Puppeteer Mask, and welcome!

I guess everyone else has got you covered, but I'll greet you too.

HeartGold and SoulSilver were pretty good games I say, but I liked 5th Gen a tad bit better. Currently playing Black 2 so I can eventually prepare for the release of X and Y. Luckily I got my 3DS recently so I can enjoy the games when they come out. Which starter do you plan on picking when the games get released? I have trouble picking all three cos they're so cute! (However, they'll never beat Oshawott's mega-cuteness lol)

I haven't been watching the Pokemon anime lately given how badly Australian TV is treating it right now, with endless Sinnoh reruns, which are like so old now (heck they haven't even started Rival Destinies yet!) so yeah, I have missed a lot of events and Team Rocket did get a bit disappointing during Black and White I have to say.

Have fun here and feel free to VM me if you need anything.

- Hikari10
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