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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
I swear they were earlier in B/W times, though, like much earlier on in the day but a lot has changed since then probably. I do hope we end up with them though and they're just not SKIPPED :(
Scans from CoroCoro were uploaded pretty quickly for HG/SS as well. However, I remember there was that period when legal disputes and scares started up during the time before Black and White's release. In wanting to avoid that again, it's likely the uploaders are just waiting for the day of the 15th, when CoroCoro is officially released, before leaking any of its content online days before.

I'm not expecting much to be revealed for this month's issue though. It's already the 16th there, and if there was anything new, it might have been shown already. It was only last week X and Y were announced after all, and those behind CoroCoro may not have had much information other than what we already know. I expect we'll get to know some more in February's issue at least compared to this month given that more time will have passed.