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No reply yet? That totally won't do! Great to meet you and welcome to the forum, Jampatino!

Good luck with your Let's Play series; just remember not to be here solely for advertising since the forum is quite strict when it comes to that. D: PokeCommunity only allows advertising in your signature, and in this case, in the Let's Play section of the site. Just remember to read the section rules before posting any videos and not to write short/spammy posts to hit fifteen posts! Whether you're aware of that rule or not, I think it's worth it to remind you about it. :3 But on the topic of LPs, I actually watch some on YouTube and they're a great way to burn time when I'm bored. Who's your favorite Let's Player? Brownie points if you say SSoHPKC, hehe. He's awesome!

Anyway, your last post before coming back was all the way in 2009, so it might be worth it to familiarize yourself with the rules again if you haven't already. A few things've changed around the forum but of course we're still the same old PC. Try and be more active this time around though, yeah? It's a great time to post again since the news of X and Y came out - a lot of members are coming here to speculate about that so you should join 'em if you're interested in those games. :D Outside that, there are plenty of other cool places to post, so enjoy the forum and see you around!

Go ahead and contact me or Cid if you need any help, too~ we're always open.


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