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Right-o. I kind of suspected that's what the term was given the context, but like I said, I had never heard it before. That's fine, though. A day where you don't learn something is pretty much a day wasted. I'll start plotting out a character, but as is I don't even know what gender to make it. I would remake the character I had from the previous RP I did, but I don't think she's nearly serious enough for this darker setting. Also, I couldn't help but notice that you're playing a male character that will biomerge into a female Mega. That's actually kinda ironic given that I was almost tempted to do the same.

So we have Lunamon (who I remember being awesome in my Digimon Dusk game, so kudos), which I think was supposed to be one of the rare genuinely benevolent Darkness digimon with a healthy doseage of Ice and Water, and then there's Dorumon (who I hardly remember from anything at all) who I THINK had Metal as his element? I'm not sure. Didn't he also have an entire Dark digivolution line opposed to it? I can't remember anything about the guy. I'm just gonna assume, for the sake of keeping a varied party, that I shouldn't use a machine or darkness digimon. *scratches Andromon, Bakemon, Phantomon, SkullGreymon and Beelzemon off wish list*

This is gonna take some serious thought. Maybe I'll peruse my Digimon games for ideas, since I'm back on my crappy dial up at home. But I'll report back with some sort of concept.
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