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Yeah, it is pretty funny. : 3 For personal reasons I've always liked screwing around with the gender line with a lot of my characters. Anyways, I think I have a rudimentary idea for a character (sort of a foil to yours, now that I think of it. A girl that seems quiet and mopey at times, but when she focuses on something suddenly becomes a confident, oh-so-hammy force of nature.) and I just need to sort out a digimon. I was thinking of something that would eventually have a sort of rock and roll or metal vibe, but the only two I can think of are Etemon which I... well, really don't want, and Beelzemon, which would be cool, but I don't feel like genderbending this character. Music and sci-fi are supposed to be a big deal to the character though, so I'm gonna try to find something that'll reflect that.
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