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Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
Psychic/poison type seems very interesting yet improbable... Although psychic trumps poison in battle, poisonous and harmful fumes damage the brain. I'm not sure how a poison/psychic type would exist without it hurting itself.
Perhaps it could have an ability where it loses HP every turn as a result of this? It'd be irritating for sure, but worth it to see a Poison/Psychic hybrid. Tbh though, I'm not really a big fan of Psychic types so there's a lot that I'd rather see. Poison/Ice and Poison/Electric are the main two that I want to see introduced (with the latter I think they really could've done this with Eelektross), but once again I'm not sure how likely they'd be to come out. It's not out of the question to have some electrically charged beast like Manectric or a creature of Ice like Glaceon and have a little Poison coursing through their body, but I can't imagine even that concept going well design-wise so I'm stumped as to what they could introduce. I'm just really hoping they think of some more interesting Poison hybrids for the new generation and it'll spice up our toxic Pokémon wonderfully <3