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Flint, Marcus, and Beck de Telarius- #7 The Chariot, #8 Strength, #9 The Hermit

Marcus found it a bit sad to see his underling literally collapse in front of him. He wanted to tell her to pick herself up off her feet, stop acting so childish and scared and act more like a member of Swords should, but Beck began speaking before him. Beck's own response was with filled with disdain, especially whenever he said 'brother'. Marcus stared at his brother with his piercing glare, the stare of experience and sophistication. He said nothing back to him, but in his mind, he was actually a bit impressed, content that he had stood up to him this time instead of blowing him off or avoiding confrontation like before. Still, he kept picking his battles at the wrong times.

Marcus looked past Beck now, at the other party guests who began peering out of the windows for some reason. Marcus walked passed his brothers and Xoxxa on the floor and went to see what the commotion was about.

“Did they organise fireworks for this as well?” A guest asked. No, Marcus knew for a fact they haven't, which made the orange glow of light and the soft, but ever-growing louder chanting quite alarming. A few moments later, the alarms sounded, and everyone began to panic. Marcus instantly looked across the room to ensure the other Swords members were moving into position, as they would probably now be needed. Panic began to fill the ballroom, but Liberta was quick to shout it down, and then direct everyone on what must be done. Marcus looked at his brothers.

"Flint, Beck. Listen to me very carefully. I need you two to take your sister Camellia and head to the escape boats. If anyone should require assistance along the way, do whatever you can to help them. Otherwise, do not linger on the island. Do you understand?" He gave them his familiar, piercing glare, as he reached for the back of his belt, where his two golden gauntlets were attached, in case an emergency was to arise.

"And what exactly are you going to do in the meantime?" Flint asked, raising an eyebrow. He wasn't about to follow orders mindlessly, as Marcus had no real authority over him other than being the older "brother." He already basically ruined Flint's chances with Xoxxa.

Marcus adjusted his gauntlets onto his hands, pulling them tight to ensure they were on properly, then clenching his fists a few times. "My duty." He replied. "I'm Commander of Swords. I'll lead the others and assault Moreno's followers while the escape boats get away."

"Right. Well, I guess I will help you out then. Beck can handle himself."

"... I'll help the civilians," Beck said, his face still a little sour from retaliation. "Is that okay?"

"Yes, good." Marcus told Beck. "Watch yourself. And Flint, now's not the time to argue. You go with your brother to the escape boats! That's where your job is." He yelled at him. Truthfully, Marcus just wanted to make sure that all of his siblings got out in one piece. They weren't fighters by trade, even if they may have been in a few before. He didn't think they were ready. Nor did he want to risk the chance of losing them, though this he would never say out loud to them.

"Now is the perfect time to argue. What if something was to happen to you? Do you really trust me to take care of this de Telarius family bullcrap? You are better off letting me help you and making sure we both get of whatever the hell is going on out there alive," Flint yelled back at his brother getting right in his face. He knew he wasn't ready (yet) to be the family head. He was too lazy, unmotivated and selfish to be the family head. Not to mention his other hobbies. Regardless of the issue, Marcus was the better son of the two as much as Flint would argue otherwise. "I can handle myself. I might surprise you."

Marcus glared at Flint, opening his mouth to protest, but knew it would be no use. He was as stubborn as they come. But he was probably right. Marcus sighed. "Alright, Flint. You win. But stay close." He looked back at Beck. "We'll see you on the escape boats, Beck. Get moving!"

"Right," Beck didn't waste time and took off, literally disappearing into the crowd as he headed into town. Marcus meanwhile turned back into the ballroom, where the rest of Swords were. He looked at Flint for a moment, giving him a nod of approval, before shouting to them.

"Swords, on me! We're making a push at Moreno's forces to give the civilians a chance to escape!"

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