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1. Victini, since I want to share victory with everyone.
2. Shaymin, because it's cool to do Flower Bearing event.
3. Eevee, because it is so adorable.
4. Emolga, because it is cute and I want to fly high up to the sky.
5. Togekiss, because I want to share kindness to the world.
6. Oshawott, because I want to train my Scalchop like Ash's Oshawott.
7. Pachirisu, because I want to be active! (Pachirisu is hyperactive)
8. Keldeo, because I wanna train to be the Swords of Justice.
9. Pikachu, because it is Ash's partner Pokemon.
10. Gardevoir, because it is one elegant Psychic Pokemon.
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