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Quote originally posted by Maruno:
Yes, they should work. If you're trying out some of the many animations Brother1440 has been making (available on the wiki), then I've not tried them out yet so I can't comment.

Have a look at the animation's position - it should be "Screen". That's all I can think of.
They had marked the option "Both Battlers", so I it have changed to "Screen", and I saved.
I test it in the essential game and they continue without the animations work.

Then I opened the Animation Editor again, but now there is always an error if I use the Animation Play Rain Dance, Hail, Sandstorm, and Sunny Day. (it's okay if I use another attack)

Pokemon Essentials
Exception: ArgumentError
Message: wrong number of arguments(4 for 3)
PBAnimation:466:in `initialize'
PBAnimation:466:in `new'
PBAnimation:466:in `initialize'
PokemonAnimEditor:1150:in `new'
PokemonAnimEditor:1150:in `play'
PokemonAnimEditor:3062:in `animationEditorMain'
PokemonAnimEditor:2927:in `loop'
PokemonAnimEditor:3092:in `animationEditorMain'
PokemonAnimEditor:3111:in `pbAnimationEditor'
EditorMain #####:110:in `pbEditorMenu'
PS: I'm sorry if my English is not well understood.
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