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Michael sighed. His bags were unpacked. His stuff was in line. All he had to do now was hit on some babes. They couldn't resist this guy's charms. "Time to get some babes." The Crow Tengu exited the dormitory and walked towards the school grounds. He had heard a fight had gone down. Hopefully he wasn't to late to see it. Michael was always in the mood for a good fight.

When he arrived at the hall, the fight was over. "Damn. Missed it." He sighed. He scanned the remaining students to search for attractive girls. So far he'd been disappointed. He called out to the gathered students, "I'M AVAILABLE, IF ANY HOTTIES WANNA HOOK UP WITH THIS GUY!" He held out his thumbs and pointed to myself. "REPEAT, I AM ON THE MARKET!" Several girls were already turning their heads. Good. Interested in the MJ. He moon-walked out of the hallway.
"I'm not gonna die. Each one of you risked your lives to come to my rescue, and that's why I can't let you throw away your lives now, not for me, not again. I got this. Don't worry about me, babies."
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